Sunday, April 24, 2011

the other day it snowed!!!!!! In april I was really suprised. that day when I was outside my nieghbors started talkng about a youtube video man vs ball and I had no clue what it was so I looked it up some are really funny but others are just wierd watch 1-5 but youll have to type the 5th one in. so here it is.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The other day I was being mean to my brother according to my mom. So she had us tied together and said Isaac you have to do whatever your brother says. His answer to that was really Isaac come here. I having no clue where we were going followed. he led me to are computer room. I then sat down he grabbed a marker and then started drawing on my face. Turns out he drew a scar across my eye, a mustache, beard, and chubby cheek's. He then goes and shows everybody my mom said then to wash my face. He then fills up the sink with water and dunks my head in it. When my mom said did you learn a lesson I said yes. And in fact I learned two never do what my brother says and never let him wash your face!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I went to a birthday party the other day. they rented a jumpy thing it was rainy day so me and my neighbor were the only ones out there well we kept slipping and we would jump into the wall sometimes cause we couldn't stop are self well then we wiped out on purpose well we had fun like there was a little hole in the ceiling so when another neighbor came we said stand right here or you'll get hurt so then we'd run into the wall and abunch of water came splashing on them. we went inside and also tried to find the neighbor but I new all his hiding spots so I found him and helped him. then he started tackling me so then I found a new hiding spot and then we got out cause it was to hot so then we found him playing video games with someone. then we back out on the bouncy and that was the party.

great idea

well sorry I didn't blog that much. well I i sure had good ideas about stuff. like lets spray paint the van and put the auto bots symbol on it well the answer to that no our van isn't old you can do that when it gets old!!!!! well another we should have a wheel barrow race with neighborhood. the answer to that no I only want to think about your brothers birthday party ( hes turning four) !!!!! we got a new garbage company so we should put more wheels on the old garbage can and turn it on its side then we can have a go cart well the answer no we gave the garbage can back to the company( what a rip off) !!!! so i guess that's what i get from a mom who says you should try to come up with cool ideas. i did think about a birthday party for me ( but you know the answer no I'm thinking about your brothers) a harry potter birthday party we could play quidditch I actually figured out how ( with out magic ) and we could stay up late and play catch voldamort ( that was scary ) well i came up with the garbage can idea was we used to hop on a wagon and go down the drive way ( Calvin and Hobbes) but my luck is gone for every thing i want to do so t hats my wonderful ideas.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

this is awesome my own blog now people are going to know the most awesome things of my life